Wendy Day Announces Support for Proposition 1

July 15, 2014 After receiving calls about this issue from several voters, Wendy Day announced today that she is supporting Proposition 1. This ballot proposal would cut the Michigan Personal Property Tax, which is levied on business equipment.  According to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, it would result in a net tax cut of $500 million for business in Michigan.

 “The ballot language is unnecessarily complicated and is also patronizing to voters. Platitudes about helping business tend to send up red flags. Lansing has had a history of picking economic winners and losers instead of making the meaningful structural changes. However, this is a chance to join states around us who have eliminated this burdensome tax on Main Street business,” says Wendy Day, Candidate for State Representative in the 47th District.

The issue has become seemingly complicated because the ballot language is confusing, and voters, rightfully so, are concerned about the hidden costs. “I was concerned too,” says Day, “It seems that government isn’t very likely to allow a tax and spending cut. But after doing research, it seems the complexity is just a result of making sure local units of government have funding stability from other sources. This bill is good for business and protects the services we all rely on.”

One aspect that has given taxpayers pause is the new Authority that will be established through this law. This particular Authority will exist solely for the purpose of allocating replacement revenue to local governments. That keeps the money out of the budget process and provides stability, assuring that future politicians won’t shortchange our local communities. The money being allocated comes out of the state general fund.

Wendy Day also stated that she, when elected, would work to find other ways to cut spending and taxes, making Michigan a place where children can prosper and raise their families. For more information on Wendy Day go to www.forabetterday.com.

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Morning in Michigan!

New Endorsement!

Although we differ on Common Core (I oppose it), GLEP knows I will stand strong for Education Freedom! 

GLEP Endorses Wendy Day in House Race
Bi-partisan education advocacy group makes additional endorsements in 2014 campaign

Lansing, MI – The Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP) today announced the endorsement of Wendy Day (R-Howell) in her campaign for the 47th State House district. The 47th District includes the following portions of Livingston County: Cohoctah Township, Conway Township, Deerfield Township, Handy Township, Hartland Township, Howell Township, Iosco Township, Marion Township, Oceola Township, Tyrone Township, Unadilla Township, Howell and part of Fenton.

“Wendy Day is an outstanding candidate who believes government should be more accountable, efficient and responsive,” said Gary Naeyaert, GLEP Executive Director. “This election provides a clear choice, and we believe when voters examine Ms. Day’s background and get to know her they will vote to send her to Lansing,” Naeyaert continued.

GLEP’s endorsement process includes an examination of past voting records, personal interviews and results from the organization’s extensive candidate questionnaire. It should be noted that priority issues for GLEP include school choice and early literacy, while there are a number of education policy issues for which endorsed candidates may hold a variety of positions, including K-12 funding, Common Core State Standards, student assessments, etc.

“We’re confident Wendy Day will be a forceful advocate for jobs, families and communities in the House of Representatives,” said Beth DeShone, GLEP Advocacy Director. “We are pleased to endorse and support her campaign,” DeShone concluded