Statement on Common Core

Common Core

Every child in Michigan deserves access to quality education. Parents have the right to choose the best education available for their children. I support offering as many market based options for parents and students as possible, including Private, Public, Charter, Home, and Online education opportunities. 

The idea that every child can, and should, learn the same things at the sameage runs contrary to what we know about the uniqueness of children. Imposing top-down standards, like Common Core, limits teachers and harms children who may not fit into the narrow scope of what the system provides.

Common Core is not the answer to our education concerns. There have been many complaints from parents who cannot help their young children with simple arithmetic because of common core’s complicated and confusing methods. There have also been concerns that the curriculum is being used to shift children’s perceptions of their relationship to the government.

Children have the right not to be forced into a rigid cookie cutter experience that discourages their natural instincts to seek out their own place in the world and become the best they can be. Furthermore, comparing American standardized test scores with those of communist China misses the point; we are the innovators, the dreamers, and the creators.

We do need accountability for teachers, but standards need to be fair and consistent. The best accountability happens when we reform tenure and bring in more free market solutions.

Let’s give children a real chance to attend a safe and effective educational environment, no matter where they live. Help parents retain their right to choose the best education for their families.