5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself When Choosing a Home

 5. How far do you want to drive to work? 

 In SE MI you can spend 10-20 hours a week driving back and forth to work. Unless you are trying to use that time to learn Spanish, most people prefer a shorter commute. When looking for a home, search by using the map with an up to 25 (or less) mile radius. You may discover communities you would not have considered otherwise.

 4. Does a dirty car bother you? 

 Do you start off your Saturday morning with a trip to the car wash? Do you love having a shiny clean car? If so, play close attention to all the routes to your prospective home. If there are dirt roads, it may not be the best choice.

 3. What do you want to see when you wake up? 

 Is it your heart's desire to open up your slider and have coffee on your lakefront deck? Do you yearn for wide open spaces of rural living? Longing for a big willow or maple tree to sit under? Look out the windows of the home and make sure you enjoy the view. 

2. Like to fix up cars in your driveway or want to put that old loveseat on your front porch? 

Subdivisions offer some fantastic benefits, but if you like to fix up cars, own a boat, or just don't want people in your business, a subdivision may not be the best place for you. Make sure you look closely at the bylaws of the neighborhood if applicable.

 1. Should you walk in the front door like you own the place?

 Walk through the house and imagine yourself coming home. Bring your kids to second showings to see how they interact with the space (just keep a good eye on them). Even layout can be changed, but it is better to have a solid start with a good layout and strong foundation. Often people get caught up in paint color or carpet. Instead of getting distracted by the ugly purple tile, look at the flow of the house in general. It is much better to find a home to fit the way you live, not try to change the way you live to fit a house.

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