About Wendy Day

Conservative Wendy Day has been a courageous champion fiscal responsibility and government accountability.  She has a proven track record for standing, even if she was standing alone, for her principled and consistent views.   

Wendy fought hard as a Howell School Board Trustee to bring transparency and fiscal accountability to the District.  She helped develop policies and programs that provided consistent leadership to District employees, more accessibility to the District for parents, and greater transparency to the taxpayers. 

When elected to the School Board in 2006, Wendy homeschooled her children.  With so many positive changes at Howell Public Schools, all four of her children currently attend schools in the District.

These changes include:
1. Completely updated and online Policy book to govern the District
2.  Increased transparency by putting the District finances online
3. Developed a new website and implemented Powerschool so parents could monitor student progress
4. Significantly increased the District Fund Balance
5. Joined a Regional Transportation Collaborative for Busing- saving the District money
6. Implemented the PLATO program for at-risk students.
7. Initiated the ParentLink Program to allow more direct communication with parents
8. Negotiated Health Insurance premiums at a cost savings to the District

In February of 2009, Wendy organized first Tea Party rally in Michigan.  She ran a non-partisan organization called Common Sense in Government.  Common Sense in Government took on both Republicans and Democrats in an effort to hold Legislators accountable.  CSG was able to influence important legislation- including helping to stop the illegal dues skimming by SEIU from becoming legal and permanent.  For Wendy, it really is Principle before Party. 

Wendy is very concerned about the impact on Michigan of decisions being made by Washington bureaucrats. From healthcare to education, the Federal government seems to be reaching further and further into our lives.  It is imperative that we have a State Legislature that understands this danger and is willing to stand strong to protect the rights of Michigan citizens. 

Transparency and accountability essential to good governance.  As part of her School Board campaign, she pledged to have ongoing communication with the voters.  To fulfill that pledge, she became one of the first elected officials in Michigan to embrace social media as a method of communication.  Her blog became known around the Country as a model for bringing timely information and transparency to constituents.   

Wendy has been living and serving in Livingston County since 2001. She came to Livingston County with her young family for the same reasons many people move to the area.  She loved the rolling farm fields, small town festivals, and convenient location.  

 In 2004 she worked full-time on the George W. Bush Campaign.  She served on the Livingston County GOP Executive Committee.  She Chaired the Lincoln Day Dinner Committee with Col. Oliver North.

Wendy is a military wife and has supported her family through her husband’s two deployments. She has been volunteering to help military families since 2003, when the Iraq War started.  She has been a speaker at conferences around the country, teaching military families how to communicate more effectively.

She has worked on a variety of campaigns, including serving as the State Director of the Ted Cruz for President Campaign.  She is an an effective advocate for candidates and issues that further the cause of liberty. 

She and her husband, Kevin, have four children, David, Craig, Allison, and Brady. They currently attend 242 Community Church.  A strong Christian, Wendy understands the importance of faith in the community and supports family values, including being endorsed by Right to Life during her campaign for School Board.
Wendy Day has won many awards for her
volunteer and professional work.